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What is the phenomenon of camshaft adjuster failure

Update:18 Oct 2021

If the camshaft adjuster fails, the car will have troub […]

If the camshaft adjuster fails, the car will have trouble starting the engine, lack of power, and engine shaking. The camshaft adjuster changes the opening time of the intake and exhaust valves according to the needs of the engine. It optimizes the valve overlap angle according to the engine speed, so that more fresh air enters the combustion chamber, so that the power can be maximized.

The failure of the cam adjuster causes the ECU to not correctly monitor the position change of the camshaft, which affects the intake and exhaust ability of the intake and exhaust system, causing the car to fail to catch fire and shake. During the starting process, the crankshaft will be reversed, and the intake manifold will be backfired now. When the car is accelerating, it cannot run, and the fuel consumption of the car will become higher, the exhaust emission exceeds the standard, and the exhaust pipe emits unpleasant black smoke. The camshaft adjuster has two electrical components with pins, one for the positive power supply and the other for the connection to the engine control unit. The engine control unit uses the air flow meter and the engine speed sensor signal as the basis for volume adjustment.

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