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How to distinguish between one, two and three generations of ea888? How do you think ea888 is the first generation


The first and second generations of ea888 engines are not easy to distinguish in appearance. The main change lies in the oil and gas separation device, and the others have not changed much. The difference between the second and third generations is still quite big, which can be distinguished from the appearance of the engine.

ea888 is the first generation of judgment method

1. The position of the oil filling port is different. The first- and second-generation engines are in the middle on the left, while the third-generation engines are in the rear on the left.

2. Engine cover, the third generation engine cover is completely black, but the first and second generations are not.

3. The main improvement changes of the third generation: the cylinder body is thinner by 0.5mm, which is more lightweight, and the water channel has also undergone some changes. The tensioner is changed to a spiral type; the timing chain is changed from 5 pieces to 4 pieces, but the thickness is much larger than before; the oil and gas separation device is changed to a built-in type; the crankshaft is changed from 8 counterweights to 4 counterweights.

In general, the third generation has a great improvement, and it is very different from the first and second generations. The main difference lies in the internal structure and materials. The first and second generations are more difficult to judge from the appearance and need to be approved. It can be determined by disassembling some parts.