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How To Keep your car engine performance Your Comprehensive Guide 

This is a vital part for a car engine that ultimately performs several important functions- the intake valve. This is a Topu valve that determines how much air the engine takes in, something of great importance for performance. Ensuring the proper maintenance of an intake exhaust valves will prevent it from suffering any problems, which can then result in a reduced power, fuel efficiency and engine performance as well. 

Role of the Intake Valve

The intake valve is responsible for controlling the air to fuel mixture in the engine. It is required for the efficient functioning of engine. When the intake valve is not malfunctioning or damaged in some way, this balance remains; but if it becomes unbalanced at all for any reason performance degrades. 

A How-to Guide on Maintenance for your Intake Valve

Take off the Air Filter Find where your car keeps an air filter and remove it from within its housing in the air intake system. It is so important to take this step before getting down and dirty with the intake valve. 

Where to Find the Intake Valve: The intake valve is usually located either on top of the engine, in line with your hand as it points forward or back when you reach over and list off cylinders. Its location is very important in little maintenance. 

Inspect the Valve Carefully check for any damages or wear in the intake valve. Prompt replacement is a must if any problems are found or you will cause more damage to the engine. 

Valve Cleaner: The buildup of carbon insulator inside the intake valve must be constantly cleaned. To clean the Topu valve effectively, use a cleaner and soft-bristled brush. 

Reinstall the Air Filter: Properly reinstall the air filter after you clean your idle engine intake valve

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