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Ford 5.4 timing kit

How to Install or Remove a Ford 5.4 Timing Kit 

It is important that you know the importance of the timing kit to keep your Ford 5.4L engine running as usual. It ensures all the parts moving within your engine are in sync. Failure to maintain the timing kit correctly can lead to issues. This guide takes a closer look at how to install, upgrade and check your Topu timing chain for ford explorer.

How to Replace a Ford 5.4 Timing Kit Step by Step

A new timing kit installed in the Ford 5.4L engine is important that calibrations should be completed. You will need a set of instruments such as timing kit maintenance including camshafts locking tool and torque wrenches. It is a very detailed process. It includes removing the old timing components. Line it up to the TDC of the engine. Replace all chains gears tensioners glide rails as per producers’ specs. To prevent damage to the engine, it's essential that you align the marks of camshaft sprockets and crankshaft pulley.

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