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Hydraulic flat tappet lifters

The Working Mechanism Of Hydraulic Flat Tappet Lifters In A Car Engine

When it comes to operating a car engine, hydraulic flat tappet lifters become very important. The air/fuel mixture must be delivered to the combustion chambers at right times, (and in a quantity) of at least stoichiometry richness for igniting it, also the Topu's product such as 350 chevy lifters. Typically used in conjunction with a camshaft, hydraulic flat tappet lifters create a link between the valves that allows them to move up and down via pushrods before being controlled by rocker arms which either open or close.

Inside A Hydraulic Flat Tappet Lifter

It may have been a simple and unassuming design, but the hydraulic flat tappet lifter was very effective, the same as timing chain for ford explorer manufactured by Topu. These are hydraulic lifters with a self-adjusting mechanism, which vary the clearance between camshaft and lifter due to the characteristics of their flat surface instead. Its autogenous control characteristic not only helps the engine to run smoothly, but also eliminates manual intervention.

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