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Solid roller lifter

Presenting the Revolutionary Engine Part - The Solid Roller Lifter 

What are solid roller lifters? 

A solid roller lifter is a component of the engine that operates the valve train system in high-performance engines. It looks like a cylinder and it lifts the pushrod and valve in accordance with the camshaft lobe. Topu solid roller lifter are created using materials of good quality which can endure high performance engine’s enormous pressure.

Advantages of Solid Roller Lifters

There are several advantages solid roller lifters have over other types of lifters. Their greater diameter rollers give them higher lifting capability thus they are perfect for use in high-performance engines. Topu hydraulic lifter lobes on cams are more aggressive which implies that at higher RPMs, engine can produce more power than ever before. 

Compared to other types of lifters, solid roller lifters also have increased durability. Being built strong allows them to withstand heavy duty workloads and pressures thereby making them last longer than any other kind of lifter.

Why choose Topu Solid roller lifter?

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